My Story...
"I'm Just a Mom Who Wanted to start actually Living Life...."
Man did I get some crazy Looks when I left my six-figure a year job to do Network Marketing!

For 15 years, I worked in healthcare as an EHR Systems Analyst.

The money was great, but I hated all the politics, the traveling and the long hours. I was working 10-15 hour days, spending 2-3 weeks a month in hotel rooms and way too much time stuck in airports due to cancelled or delayed flights. All the traveling had even caused me to miss most of my anniversaries, birthday’s, and other important occasions.  

At the age of 43 I decided I had enough!! I had already missed out on my kids growing up, and I couldn't remember the last time I had taken a vacation and my husband and I were ready to have our time. We wanted to travel, have experiences and to start living life versus merely surviving!!

When I left my job I was already burnt out and hated what little time I had to enjoy and actually live life. Consequently, though leaving my job meant I had also left a great income, health insurance, and retirement, etc.

It was a lot to replace.

Before we knew it, my husband and I were living off just his income and I added extra expenses because we now had to pay health insurance out of our pockets for me, needless to say things were tight and I was scared to death. I just couldn't go back to another corporate job again. Plus I wanted to bring my husband home. 

I tried a few different companies, I made a little bit of money here and there but never could come close to replacing the income I had left. That was, until I found this!! 

This system provides an easy to follow step-by-step training , teaches you how to advertise and promote on social media so that you can start seeing the results immediately!! Best of all if you decide to promote Easy 1 up, it pays you 100% Commissions which is unheard of! 

I love the freedom and autonomy I have being my own boss. When I was an EHR Sysstems Analyst, corporate owned me. I had minimal vacation days, missed time with my family, and could only look forward to a 2% raise a year.

Let me be your motivation and help you create your success story!
My life changed because of the hard work and dedication I put into seeing a change. This company along with a consistent commitment to your business can change your life, but you have to want it bad and stay motivated. 

How Do I Get Started, How Do I Get Paid and How Does This All Work?
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